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In -vitro Fertilization
DEV IVF Provide you the best Assisted Reproductive Technology with high class standard which includes all the services under one roof. Our Embryology Team / IVF Specialist / Nursing Team & Support Team have honour to assist more than thousands couples to achieve their parenthood with high success rates. At DEV IVF Center, 6 out of 10 patients achieve success in very first attempt, rest four achieve success in second attempt, very few need to go upto third attempt.
The IVF process involves:
1. Stimulating multiple follicles and eggs to develop
2. Egg Collection to get the eggs from Ovary
3. Fertilizing the eggs in the IVF laboratory
4. Embryo transfer to the uterus

If the couple who have been trying to conceive for a year and have failed IUI attempts and also have one or more of the following:
1. Blocked Fallopian tubes
2. Failed 2-3 cycles of ovarian stimulation with IUI
3. Male factor infertility (low sperm count or low motility). ICSI is an IVF procedure that can fertilize eggs even with poor sperm quality. In DEV IVF Center, all IVF Procedure is done with ICSI.
4. Reduced ovarian reserve, which means lower quantity (and sometimes quantity) of eggs.
5. Reduced egg quantity and quality is usually treated with either IVF, or with IVF with egg donation.
6. Unexplained infertility when insemination have failed. Unexplained infertility means standard     fertility tests have not found the cause of the fertility issue.

6 Simple step for IVF Treatment
Preparing the Ovaries for Stimulation for egg collection ( It takes 12-15 days )
Egg Collection ( It is done in OT and takes around 15-20 minutes )
Semen Sample
Fertilization of Eggs
Embryo Transfer

Blood Test for BETA HCG ( Pregnancy Test ) done after 12 days of embryo transfer
IVF Treatment starts from day 2 of female partner’s cycle.
We stimulate follicles in ovary with medications/ Injections to produce multiple follicles and eggs.
This Entire Procedure ( Eggs’ Simulation ) takes approx 2 -3 weeks.
Once eggs are ready with appropriate size then we retrieve the eggs from the ovary.
This procedure is called “ Egg Collection” On the same day of egg collection, male partner need to give his semen sample for ICSI procedure , once we have eggs and sperm sample with us , we then move further for fertilization which takes place in IVF Lab.

We culture the embryos for 48 hours and then pick the best one (or more) for transfer to the female partner – selection of the best embryo increases chance of success. This entire procedure is done in IVF Lab by Embryologist.

We transfer the embryos to the best location in the middle of the uterine cavity.
Once embryo transfer is done, then pregnancy test ( blood test – BETA HCG ) is done after 12 days of embryo transfer.

Generally 2 best quality embryos are transferred, in this case a Patient can have embryos to be frozen for next attempt or future use ( NOTE: Not all couples will have embryos available for freezing)
To know cost of IUI Treatment, please feel free to contact 9599455555 / 9990964824 or e-mail :-

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