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Team DEV counsel many patients in a day, many of them have had 2-3 failures attempts  in their past and many of them are first time attempter. During the counseling Team DEV have noted that  Patients seek for Transparency in their treatment and services, therefore, we are here to serve you the best treatment available with complete transparency. You are allowed to see your Partner’s egg collection / embryo transfer.  To keep the transparency in our IVF & Surrogacy Program we have designed our IVF Lab with a Mirror window , where you can see your live egg collection / ICSI / Embryo Freezing / Embryo Transfer.  Team DEV think that patient have complete rights to know that what is happening with their Gametes ( eggs / sperm / embryos ).  You will be assisted with the complete details of your treatment. We always try to make our patient satisfied because we respect the amount of Emotions they have invested in achieving  their parenthood.

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