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Male Infertility Treatment

Male infertility is a common problem affecting men and keeping him apart from FATHERHOOD. It is a condition where the male partner in the relationship affects the ability of the female partner to become pregnant. Millions of men face infertility.   If you are having trouble in achieving your parenthood, you are not alone. The good news is that many men with fertility problems go on to become fathers with the help of Assisted Reproductive Technology; you can now have the ability to overcome various male infertility factors.

Factors / Causes which leads Male Infertility :

❶ Quality and quantity of sperm are the key factors to male fertility. Any defect such as immature sperm and low sperm count can lead to infertility.  The condition where the male has less motile sperm is called “oligospermia “
❷Hormonal/stress problems
❸Sexual problems
❹Use of  medications such as steroids
❺Infections/tumors of the male reproductive system
❻Backward ejaculation of the sperm
❼Smoking and alcohol abuse
❾Work related (example: laptop use elevates the temperature of the testes leading to low sperm production)
❿Genetics (chromosomal disorders)

Your IVF consultant & Male Fertility Expert will diagnosis the actual cause of your infertility with the help of following :

❶ Your detailed medical history
❷ Detailed physical Examination
Semen analysis, it is a laboratory test which is carried out to assess the sperm count and quality. The test sample is obtained by ejaculating into a sterile bottle. Semen Analysis explained us the  detailed factors of your sperm as below :


Trans-rectal ultrasound of the prostate: It is an investigation carried out to evaluate the prostate gland and detect any obstruction of the ducts that transport the sperm.

Scrotal examination : This is an imaging test to diagnose abnormalities of the scrotum or testicles.

Testicular biopsy: A small piece of tissue is removed from the testicle using a sterile needle and sent for evaluation under a microscope to help determine the cause of infertility.

Treatments available :

 Assisted reproductive technology (ART): These are revolutionary treatment procedures that help couples with infertility problems to conceive the pregnancy.
Such as “ In vitro fertilization (IVF) “

“ intracytoplasmic sperm injection (ICSI) “

Surgery : In cases where no sperm are present in the ejaculate, sperm can often be collected  directly from the testicles or using sperm retrieval techniques.

Treatment for Infection : Antibiotics can cure an infection of the reproductive tract
Hormone treatments and medications : This therapy helps where infertility is caused by high or low levels of certain hormones or problems with the way the body uses hormones.

Remember: A semen analysis test is often the first step in getting help. Don’t hide if you are a patient of male infertility. Be open to your consultant and ask for the best treatment available to achieve your Fatherhood. Male infertility is affecting approximately 7% of all men.  Infertility affects men just as much as women. If you have had failed IUI attempts then remember a single healthy morphological / motile sperm is required to fertilize one egg, called “ ICSI “.

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