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 Intended Parents FAQ

Q1) Why should you select DEV IVF CENTER to beat your infertility & to achieve your Parenthood ?
A ) DEV IVF unit is running a successful program for IVF and helping thousands of couples in achieving their Parenthood. Our Team work and fast communication develop a positive relationship with you which makes your PARENTHOOD JOURNEY very easy and comfortable. Our dedicated team of doctors / nursing / admin staff have already had the honor of assisting more than thousands of Infertility Patients.  We have complete transparency and serve our patients with the Brand New Assisted Reproductive Technology.

Q2 ) Is DEV IVF Unit is assisting International Patient for Surrogacy?
We strictly follow ICMR Guidelines and as per ICMR Guidelines, Indian Government has banned surrogate services for foreign Couples / Single Parent / Heterosexual Couples.

Q3 ) How long it takes to enroll with DEV IVF UNIT ?
A) It takes only few minutes to enroll with DEV IVF UNIT. You will only need to send your treatment history to and we will get back to you within 6 working hours.  You can also ring @ 00 91 9599455555

Q4 ) How you will select your Egg Donor ?
A ) Once the doctor certify that you need an Egg Donor to achieve your parenthood, we will send you the list of our Egg Donors who are active in our program. You will need to get back to us in 48 hours with your 3-4 choices.  After that we will get back to you with their detailed information and their availability. Once you finalize your egg donor , We are READY TO GO towards your Parenthood.

Q5 ) How can you be sure that your egg donor is same exactly what you have selected ?
A) As per the request of intended parents, we organize Skype Call for our Patients assisted by DEV representative. You can see your donor and you can talk to her, you can ask if you have any questions.

Q6) How long IVF treatment takes?
A) IVF treatment start from day 2 of cycle and it takes minimum 2 weeks and maximum 3 weeks. You will not need to stay in India for entire 13-15 days. You have two options :
Option 1 )
You can come India on day 1 of your cycle , and from day 2 we will start your stimulation and your treatment will be done within 14 days after starting stimulation. Once your embryo transfer is done, then you will be able to fly back to home.

Option 2 )
We can help you for stimulation in your home country itself. Our team helps you with the fast communication over mail / skype / phone call.
In this option you will be suggested to fly for India for directly Egg collection. In this case you will only need to stay for four days only.
Once embryo transfer is done, you can fly back.

For any other query, please feel free to contact us

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