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Best ICSI and IVF Treatment Clinic in Delhi, India

DEV IVF Center, which is the Best IVF CENTER of West District, Delhi,  operate all IVF with ICSI technique without charging any extra fee.

What ICSI is ?

Intracytoplasmic Sperm Injection – ICSI and IVF
Highly effective treatment for male factor infertility problems

In general clinics ICSI is only used to help patient who is suffering from Male Factor Infertility, however, in DEV, our embryology team perform all IVF cases with ICSI technique to give equal success rates to every individual patient.
ICSI is a very effective method to fertilize eggs in the IVF lab after they have been aspirated/ collected / retrieved from the female’s ovaries. ICSI procedure involves the use of special tools (micromanipulation) / equipments & inverted microscopes which helps Embryologist to pick individual sperm with best motility and morphology which leads high success rates.


                                                                      Original image of  ICSI Machine at DEV IVF

Who needs ICSI Commonly?
1. If a couple have severe male infertility and that do not wish to accept: Donor Sperm Option then ICSI is very affective & helpful treatment facility.

  1. It helps couples who is suffering from :
    a) Low Motility
    b) Low Morphology
    c) Low Sperm Count
  2. Fertilization rate is on lower side ( Ex : Number of eggs collected are on higher side but number of embryos we get after 48 hours fertilizations are less ).
  3. Couple who underwent more than 2 failure attempts, ICSI is being used to pick best quality egg & best quality sperm to increase chance of success.
  4. A high percentage of abnormally shaped sperm which can result in poor motility/ quality which means the sperm can’t flow well towards fertilization process.


How ICSI is performed in IVF LAB ?


There are simple few steps to perform ICSI Procedure:
1. The mature egg is held with a specialized pipette ( In picture see on Left )
2. A Single Sperm ( with Best Quality ) picked by a Needle ( Needle is thinner than human hair ).
3. This needle is then inserts into the cytoplasm of the egg and then removed carefully.
4. After that the eggs are checked the next day to see fertilization.

In short : A single healthy sperm is injected directly into each mature egg.

IN DEV IVF Lab, our patient gets a chance to see their live ICSI done by the embryologist in the lab. We have designed our lab with a Glass Window from where you can see what is happening with your gametes inside the Lab.

Advantages of ICSI?
1. ICSI gives you high chances to of conceiving your genetic child. Before switching off to Donor option, you should get detailed information about ICSI
2.It is being used for the patient who is suffering from unexplained infertility.
3. Team DEV do not charge you extra for helping you with ICSI
4. It gives you high chances than IVF

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