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A New Way of Adoption …..

Donor Embryo is a new way to adopt.  Instead of adopting a child who has already emerged from her mother’s womb, Donor Embryo Adoption allows the adopting family to begin the adoption journey nine months earlier with pregnancy and childbirth.
Infertility couple who have had failed IUI and IVF attempts with their own Genetic semen & eggs, can adopt this option to achieve their Parenthood !
It’s a new way for childless couple / infertility couple to achieve their parenthood by giving birth themselves.  It is not the adoption of Child , infact , it’s a adoption process at “ Embryonic “ stage which are produced by anonyms Egg Donor & Sperm Donor  with the help of ART ( Assisted Reproduction Technology ) , which means the embryos come from the  ICSI procedure performed on couple who wishes to donate their genetics eggs & sperm. Fertilizations take place in IVF lab and then Embryos are transferred into Adopter’s uterus.

Donor Embryos recipient need particular Pre- Conception Treatment which helps to develop Ednometrial Thickness of her uterus. At the time of Embryo transfer the endometrium lining should be between 10mm to 12 mm to get best chance of success.  DEV IVF Unit enjoys high chance of success in IVF with Donor Embryos.  If both the partner are suffering from infertility such as female partner have less AMH / fallopian tube blockage / PCOS etc or Male Partner is suffering from low motility or low sperm count , they can look for this option “ Donor Embryo Adoption “
In Donor Embryo Adoption, the intended parents has no genetic connection to the embryos , however, in this process the Recipient Mother gives birth to child and can enjoy 9 months pregnancy and can get the true experience of Motherhood.

The Donors who donate their genetics ( sperm & eggs ) have no legal right on the baby born by recipient mother’s womb. In DEV IVF UNIT, we maintain high level confidentiality.

Donor & Recipient cannot have any direct relation. Before enrolling in Donor Embryo Adoption procedure, both couple needs to sign consents.

Embryo Adoption & Embryo Donation is a new  way of donation and adoption !
For detailed information about consents,  please feel free to contact @ 9599455555.


  1. How does treatment begins?
    The Treatment begins with your initial visit to IVF Consultant. You will need to come along with your Past Medical Investigation. After consultation & physical examination with the IVF Consultant you will need to undergo some more required test. After going through these medical reports in detail you will be advised to move ahead for the appropriate treatment, which normally start from day 2 of your menses ( monthly cycle ). Once we start you on treatment from day 2 of your cycle (menses ) after that we will start Egg Donor for stimulation of her follicles.  During your treatment for endometrial lining preparation you will be asked to visit clinic 2-3 times to keep an eye on the progress of your uterine
    response which is generally performed by an ultrasound.  Once donor is ready of ovum pick up / egg collection, her egg collection is done in IVF OT and after that ICSI is performed with Anonymous donor egg and Anonymous Donor sperm. Once ICSI is done, we will be able to get best fertilized embryos after 48 hour and best quality embryos will be transferred in your uterus.
  2. You can choose Embryo Adoption for :
    1.You & your partner are infertile
    2. You or your partner are concerned about or at a high risk of passing on genetic disorders
    3.You have had recurrent IVF Failures with your own gametes ( sperm / egg )

    3.Embryo Adoption includes any legal terms :
    Not as such, Embryo adoption is very simple procedure , it is straight forward process. The patient who have remaining frozen embryos and ready to donate these embryos to another infertile couple to achieve their parenthood by signing the “Releasing Consent” with ART Clinic OR
    ART Clinic can produce the embryos by stimulating anonymous egg donor and sperm donor, in that case also anonymous donors will need to sign the consents for donation ( refer FAQ no 1 )

4.How can you be sure that you are ready for Donor Embryo Adoption:
First, you will need to enroll with the ART clinic. After that you will need to call for appointment with IVF Consultant. During the consultation your medical investigation & physical examination will be done. After that IVF consultant will may ask to undergo some another test, if needed.
Once your consultation is done, you will need to undergo for the counseling session so that you will be able to understand all the aspects of this procedure emotionally and physically both.

5. How can we donate our Embryos?
The infertile couple who have achieved their parenthood and also have their embryos frozen with the ART Clinic, can plan for their Embryos Donation.  They will sign the consent with ART Clinic that they wish their remaining frozen embryos to be donated for childless couple.
The infertile couple who is looking for Donor Embryo Adoption can contact ART CLINIC. After the consultation with IVF Consultant and medical examination you will move further for Embryo Adoption process. The first step will be followed by signing the consent of “ Embryo Adoption “. After that as per the availability of Donor Embryos you will be informed. The “donor” will never meet the “Recipients”. Identity will be confidential for both Donor & Recipients.

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