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IUI : Intrauterine insemination :
Intrauterine insemination is also called IUI or artificial insemination. This treatment is used for unexplained infertility. This treatment is commonly used for young age couple who is suffering Infertility at very early age and reason can be :
1. Mild Endometriosis,
2.Problems With Ovulation
3.Mild Male Factor Infertility

Insemination is a reasonable initial treatment that should be utilized for a maximum of about 3 months in female who are ovulating (releasing eggs) on their own.

IUI treatment is not helpful for the couple who is :
Old Age
Female partner with blocked tubes
Sever Male Factor infertility
Severe endometriosis
Blocked Fallopian tubes

How It Works :

– IUI is very simple and easy treatment which can help a couple to achieve their parenthood, however, IUI does not have high chance of success.
-It starts with from Day 2 of Female partner’s cycle
-Female partner need to undergo few blood test & Ultrasound to check size and number of follicles / eggs and Endometrial lining
– The Female Partner usually is given medications to stimulate multiple eggs in ovaries
– Egg/ Follicles’ stimulation take approx 2 weeks for complete stimulation
-Once we get good number of eggs with ideal size after 2 weeks of stimulation then treatment move further
– When Eggs are ready, Male partner is required to give Semen Sample by masturbation after 2-5 days of abstinence from ejaculation and then it is washed in Andrology Lab. The sperm is separated from the other components of the semen and concentrated in a small volume. Best media and techniques are used for the washing and separation in DEV IVF CENTER. This entire procedure is done in Andrology Lab separately.
-Once we have washed and best Motile sperm, then a speculum is placed in the Female Partner’s vagina and the cervical area is gently cleaned.

– The washed specimen of highly motile sperm is placed either in the cervix or higher in the uterine cavity using a sterile, flexible catheter.

Female partner does not feel any discomfort during the sperm insemination into cervix. The risk for complications with intrauterine insemination is very low

After the entire procedure, if female partner wishes to rest in recovery room, she can !

Success Rates with IUI Treatment
10% chance per month of getting pregnant and having a baby with artificial insemination for up to 3 cycles (lower success after 3 attempts)
15% chance per month of getting pregnant and having a baby with injectable FSH medication (e.g. Follistim, Gonal-F, Bravelle or Menopur) and IUI for up to 3 cycles
To know cost of IUI Treatment, please feel free to contact 9599455555 / 9990964824 or e-mail

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